Accommodation in Sarajevo

The War Childhood Museum is happy to announce its partnership with the leading domestic hotel chain, the Hotel Europe Group. The Hotel Europe Group offers special rates to all EMYA guests in two of Sarajevo’s most iconic hotels: Hotel Holiday and Hotel Europe.


When Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1984, the city felt like the center of the world. One of the landmarks, from that period of our golden history, is the Hotel Holiday.

The iconic yellow Hotel is the most historic hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, designed by the esteemed architect Ivan Štraus between 1982 and 1983 and finished just before the Winter Olympics. What he created was, in terms of execution, unprecedented in Yugoslavian architecture – he managed to combine the aesthetics of a traditional Bosnian house with a contemporary design.

After serving as home for VIP guests during the Olympics, Hotel Holiday cemented its iconic status during the Siege of Sarajevo. It remained open throughout the conflict and served as home for all the international journalists that reported from the besieged city.

With its rich history, intricate design, intimate atmosphere, and the essence of the Olympic spirit, staying at the Holiday creates a feeling of going back in time to the greatest postmodern architectural, artistic, and cultural accomplishments of the former Yugoslavia. All of the above creates an aura of irresistible Bosnian charm, which makes the Holiday beloved by locals and tourists alike.

This recently renovated four-star hotel offers great accommodation for all EMYA guests, and its only 50 meters away from the main conference venue (UNITIC) and just across from Sarajevo’s museum quarter.

Special prices for EMYA guests:

Single room: 64,42 EUR per night (breakfast included)

Double room: 75,16 EUR per night (breakfast included)

How to book:

Just fill out this short form: and EMYA 2019 team will take care of everything for you.


Another iconic hotel of this chain is Hotel Europe. It is an upscale hotel set in the heart of the old town. It is located a minute away from were Austro-Hungarian architecture blends into Ottoman architecture. Its contemporary exterior and formal interior, makes it a meeting of eras.

The Hotel was designed by a Czech-born architect, Karel Pařík. Pařík lived and worked in Sarajevo for most of his life and designed over 70 major buildings. His work left an unparalleled impact on the city, as he designed some of its most beautiful sights including the City Hall, the National Museum, the National Theater, and Hotel Europe.

The Hotel opened in December of 1882, four years after the beginning of the Austrio-Hungarian rule over Bosnia, as the first modern hotel in the city. For 110 years this was the most spacious hotel in Sarajevo, from its opening until its destruction on August 1, 1992. Many poets, artists, and politicians stayed in this hotel during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The hotel was reconstructed and officially re-opened, 126 years after it’s original opening, on December 12, 2008.

This five-star hotel offers accommodation to EMYA guests. It is a 2 km away from the  conference venue (23 minutes walk or a 2,5 EUR taxi fare).

Special prices for EMYA guests:

Single room: 90,00 EUR per night (breakfast included)

Double room: 106,40 EUR per night (breakfast included)

How to book:

Just fill out this short form: and EMYA 2019 team will take care of everything for you.